Stories from the Hills: Tales of the Lowland

Myriel Milicevic et Ruttikorn Vuttikorn


Ruttikorn Vuttikorn

A play activist, Ruttikorn Vuttikorn, is an industrial design graduate and has been into toy design ever since. She strongly believes that every child should have equality in the accessibility of quality play. That’s why she has never limited her job only in designing toys & games, but also include play training as her task. She works both in Thailand and abroad collaborating with different partners in order to achieve her goal.

In 2008, Ruttikorn took on a fresh challenge by collaborating with different organisations designing games that educate children to understand and solve different problems, i.e. environmental, social, and political problems. She does believe children are our future and they have the power to change society for the better. Our job is just empower them by using the right tools called « quality play ».

Myriel Milicevic

Myriel Milicevic is an artist and interaction designer. With her Neighbourhood Satellites she explores the hidden connections between people and their natural, social, and technical environments. These connections and systems are often turned into practical-utopian models and stories: how can energy leaks in the city become power sources? How can we guide butterflies to new meadows in the Rocky Mountains? How would plants grow if they were cultivated in political systems? What can we learn from people in the hills of Thailand for our urban lives? These explorations are mostly of a participatory nature, emerging from collaborations with other practitioners in the context of workshops, classrooms, exhibitions, residencies and fieldwork.
Myriel received her MA from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy and her diploma in Graphic Design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam. Further, she studied at the Conceptual and Information Arts department of San Francisco State University.

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